Jeanne Faucher is a French stylist born in Paris.

After her graduation from Studio Berçot in Fashion design she made her debut as fashion assistant for french VOGUE.

Jeanne immediately received different types of works offers and choose to become a freelance since 6 years now . It was a true life objective for Jeanne to work in every domains from concept to design, production, style, advertising, lookbook, TV, movie, music videos, streetwear, luxe...  In this way Jeanne learned all about knowing perfectly the fashion industry and her job as she can understand perfectly clients objectives.

She had the chance to learn with all these experiences how to run an image or a label in this new digital age, keeping in mind human values important for her such as positive attitude, kindness and tolerance.

She works matching her love for colors and poetic details with streetwear codes.

Please feel free to speak about all your projects and ideas :) 

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