Jeanne Faucher is a freelance stylist and designer born and based in Paris.

After her graduation from Studio Berçot in Fashion design in 2010, she worked one year as fashion assistant for french VOGUE and VOGUE HOMME INTERNATIONAL .

She had the chance to create her own sustainable and vintage renew brand 7 years ago, which was distributed in more than 10 boutiques all around the world and had recognition from press and retailers.

Jeanne is freelance since 6 years now, working in all domains such as style, art direction, consultant, redaction and design.

These experiences learns to Jeanne how to run an image or a label in this new digital age, keeping in mind all her convictions about earth and people respect, kindness and passion, and always working for projects she really love and care and respect these codes, finding beauty in each project, becoming stronger with all these opportunities.

 Jeanne will be happy to speak with you  for any enquiries or informations using the form or the mail following.

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